Powder Horn is a hands-on training opportunity for Venturing and Boy Scout leaders, designed to showcase the activities and resources necessary to operate an amazing, successful high adventure and Ranger program for our Scouts.  Myriad activities will be provided featuring accomplished, certified and experienced consultants to answer questions and guide you.

This nationally accredited course is co-ed & open to registered youth and adults, ages 14 & up. The course runs 3 1/2 days, and is scheduled to start the evening of August 3 and run through early afternoon on August 6. 

Participants are given a chance to participate in at least 12 exciting (& many times adrenaline pumping) activities. Those having participated in a minimum of 10 will earn the BSA Powder Horn Medallion.

In addition to the incredible experience and comradery, you will walk away with a resource guide of regional contacts to help implement these exciting programs into your units.

“Powder Horn - Long used by men and women of the frontier as one of the necessary tools for daily life. The powder horn carried the propellant that allowed them to sustain daily life. The powder horn ranged from the very plain yet functional to the ornate work of art, but the use was the same: a vessel to help sustain. The recipient of the Powder Horn is a vessel—-a vessel to help sustain the spirit of the outdoors in the youth of today. The propellant that you carry is the knowledge of new and exciting program ideas to share with these youth. Wear it proudly, and know that you are making a difference in the youth that you serve.” – 2017 Course Syllabus

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