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Upcoming Dates

By June 2nd - Fill out your commitment form online, or on paper and send to the Great Southwest Council Service Center to receive an extra 1% commission for your unit

June - August - Popcorn Kick-offs & Training

August 7th - Show & Sell Orders Due in

August 18 & 19 - Show & Sell Distribution (post dated check required)

August 19-October 8 - Conduct Show & Sells

October 14 - Show & Sell return date (this is the only date for returning unsold show & sell product)

October 16 - Take Orders Due in

October 16 - Last Day to submit for "Fill a Sheet" prize

October 27 & 28 - Take Order Distribution (post dated check required)

December 1st - Last day for Prize Orders


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Text Popcorn to 51660

Note - you must reply to the first message sent in order to be opted-in to the texting system

Why Sell Popcorn?

The popcorn sale is extremely important to funding your unit's Scouting program! The sale is equally important to our Council so that we can provide adequate funding and maintenance to Gorham Scout Ranch, get Campbell Scout Ranch up and running, provide service to units, develop new programs, and much more.

FUND your Adventure!!!

2016 Commission Structure

32%     Base Commission
  3%     Attend Training
  1%     Early Commitment (by June 2, 2017)
  2%     No Prize Option
  2%     Exceed 2016 unit sales by 20%

40%     Total Commission Possible


2017 Commitment Online Form

2017 Commitment Form - Print and Submit

2017 Popcorn Guidebook

Unit Budgeting Presentation

Unit Budget Form
(PDF version)

Unit Budget Form
(XLS version)
XLS version has formulas to make the process easier

Spin to Win Event Flyer

Online Sales - Scout Instructions

Online Sales - Leader Instructions


Lots of other great resources are available on the Trails End website at:



We want to help you make Popcorn the one fundraiser that supports your Scouting unit all year. If you have any questions, or you're not sure if popcorn is right for you, please reach out to us!

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Great Southwest Council Development Director

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