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Eagle Scout Resources
Getting Started on the Trail to Eagle Scout

You are now a Life Scout, one step away from Scouting's highest award - EAGLE SCOUT!

Are you ready to climb the last trail to join the "select few" who have reached the top of Scouting's advancement ladder? This Honor requires demonstrating leadership and service by performing a Service Project, being active in your Troop, demonstrating Scout Spirit, completing 21 Merit Badges, holding a position of leadership for 6 months, and participating in a Scoutmaster's Conference all before the age of 18!

To achieve this high honor, among the other requirements, you are expected to PLAN, DEVELOP AND GIVE LEADERSHIP to others, by carrying out a service project.

THE SHORT LIST:  Currently Council only has a Short List of excellent & continual sources of Eagle Projects.  If you have a source to add to this list please call the office and let Wendy J. know!

  • ABQ BioPark & Zoo (ABQ)
  • Wildlife West Nature Park (Edgewood)
  • Sandia Mtn. Natural History Center (Cedar Crest)
  • National and State Parks
  • Your School or Religious Institution

Please note:  Your project cannot be of direct benefit to any Boy Scout organization, cannot be performed for a commercial business or an individual, and cannot be a fundraiser. Any and all Funds or Materials purchased or donated on behalf of your Project belong to the Beneficiary any may not be retained by the Unit. 


The Steps from Life to Eagle

*** NEW ***

  • Life to Eagle Checklist. Do you have a want or need for a Step by Step guide to the Eagle Process? Here you are ... Council has created a highly detailed Step by Step process to follow for earning your Eagle.  This is addressed specifically to the Scout; however, Troop members, parents, and anyone involved in the process should read this document in its entirety as well. 
  • Guide for Unit Members   Adult Unit Members take a look here as well!

********Coming Soon...   Frequently asked questions*********

Q:  My project won’t cost anything because I am getting donations for all materials, tools, and even food, Do I need a Fundraising application?  

A: If your project materials, supplies, etc, will cost more than $500 and you are obtaining any amount of material or monetary donations from any source outside your 1. Troop, 2. Chartered Organization, 3. The Beneficiary, 4 your own Family…   Then YES you need a Fundraising Application.


Q: The Scope of my Project changed, I had to omit something, I had to add something, I am only doing 2 tables instead of 3, do I need to resubmit my Project Proposal for Approval.

A: Only your District Advancement Chair or District Advancement Representative who originally approved your project can make that call.  Please contact him/her.


Please Note:  All Above resources were created by using the Guide to Advancement 2017.  The guide is the Governing document over all publications created by Council and other Volunteers. 

Helpful Links
District Contacts

For Project Proposal Approval you must contact your District Advancement Chair:


  • Anasazi:  Mac McNamee -
  • El Valle Manzano:  Steve Bartholomew (Interim) -
  • Mesa Verde:  Rocky Gallegos -
  • Rio Grande: No Chair but can contact Representatives:  Tom Mack -, Corey Reitz -, Robert Holder -, Johnny Ulibarri -, Tris Carty -
  • Sandia:  Rick Mondick -
  • Sangre De Crisco:  Tim Neal -
  • Zuni Mountain:  Bill Barnes -  


Please Note:  You must obtain all 5 signatures of approval before you start on your project.  IF your project scope changes during the planning phase, a new Project Proposal must be written up and approved again by all parties.  Always keep your signature pages on your original write up of your proposal, do not rewrite or change your proposal once it has been signed.