Great Southwest Council, Boy Scouts of America Heading

Financial Overview

Financial support of the Great Southwest Council comes from a variety of sources, each of which reflects the donor’s belief in the value of youth and the importance of teaching Scouting’s principles to every young American possible. The council’s annual operating budget is built by many committees and individuals, bringing together their needs and desires which is then fitted against the council’s ability to raise a comparable amount of income. 

The council operates on a one-budget concept, encompassing all current operating costs for all of the services, activities, and programs of the council.  The budget recognizes the importance of membership growth, availability of program equipment, well-maintained facilities, and most critical, the staff services necessary to make it all happen. 

The primary sources of income available for current operation include:   

  • United Way—The Great Southwest Council is a participating member of five United Way organizations (Central New Mexico, Los Alamos-Northern New Mexico, San Juan County, Southwest Colorado, and McKinley County).  Combined, United Way allocations and designations provide approximately 19% of the operating budget.  While the dollar amount of United Way support usually increases each year, allocations have never kept pace with inflation or Scouting's growth, and therefore the percent of the budget provided by the United Way decreases annually.
  • Friends of Scouting—The annual financial support of Scouting Families and community friends of Scouting provides approximately 21% of the operating budget.  Individual contributors give their personal testimonial of their support through the FOS campaign.
  • Popcorn Sale—Each fall the units of the Great Southwest Council participate in a council-sponsored popcorn sale, which provides 22% of the council’s operating income in addition to providing a like amount to unit treasuries.    
  • Camping and Activities—25% of the council’s gross income is from camping and activities.  This income is offset by similar expenditures.  Any excess of revenue over expenditures funds the council year-round programs.  It is expected that each program be self-supporting.
  • Endowment Fund Interest—Currently providing 2% of the operating income, interest from the council’s endowment fund is increasing with the corpus of the fund, and within ten years it should provide 10-12% of the operating budget.
  • Other Income—The remaining 11% of the operating funds are generated through the council Scout Shop operation, sale of gifts in kind, and foundation gifts.